Be the best that you can be everyday in every way

Be Bold and Bloom

SuperSelf is Good Manners

Never blow your nose at a dinner table, okay?   I once had a boss that had a nose that ran like a broken faucet, dripping all the time. They ran around the office looking for tissue anywhere they could find it. Let’s face it, blowing one’s nose is not a pretty...


SuperSelf Sees Each Day Anew

How exciting that “today is a new day and tomorrow will be another,” so my grandmother would say. Yesterday is in the past, so do not let a disagreement or a bad situation that happened yesterday have power over you on a new day. Being the best that you can be...

BBB-each day anew

Women Executives

Women rock! Yes, we do! And there should be more than 32 women CEOs in the Fortune 500, right? (By the way, this is an all-time high!) But it takes more than rocking.


SuperSelf is Love

SuperSelf begins with self-love within you, your body, mind, and soul. I believe that your soulmate should be “you” yourself. As my grandmother would say, “If you don’t love yourself how can you love anyone else or even recognize love in others?” Now, I have lived...

Be the best that you can be at every age!

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