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Women Executives

Women rock!! Yes, we do! And there should be more than 32 women CEOs in the Fortune 500, right? By the way, this is an all-time high to date! But, it takes more than rocking…

Women climbing the corporate ladder need to be kind, respectful and truly thoughtful to other women. Some women executives feel threatened by others who are younger, attractive, more sophisticated, smart, ambitious and so-on, and so-on. Even if these people are in support positions, women executives often feel intimidated, resorting to using their power cunningly. Could this be just one reason why more women are not Fortune 500 CEOs?

Act like a successful lady, think like a successful man, now where did I hear or read this?

At any rate, my very best friend has had the opportunity to support three C-level executive women in her lifetime. Of the three, she supported two until they retired or left the company. They had sincere mutual respect, trust, and admiration for one another; and are great friends still. The other executive she described as a real psychological thriller with Alfred Hitchcock’s meanness, duplicity, fear and anxiety all in the mix.  My friend said she felt stifled, was not appreciated and was stressed to the max.

Women executives need to work with all women with mindfulness. Bring other capable women along with them as they climb the corporate ladder and embrace their differences as well as their life experiences.

Women on all levels who are confident, secure and comfortable with themselves understand their power. They are honest, transparent and true. They do not hate, they don’t always have to be right, know everything or be the messenger. They have diverse people around them that are competent. They are inclusive of all staff and appreciate even the tiniest contribution.  These women truly ROCK…

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  1. Identify unknown caller

    I’m grateful for the applicable advice you’ve shared based on your experiences.

    • Zalise Edwards

      Thank you! Zalise

  2. Todd Johnson

    Good stuff. I am constantly looking for insight into what makes a woman successful in social settings whether it be business or personal. My niece asked me three days ago what my top 3 “secrets” were for a young woman about to graduate college and looking to make a place for herself in the business world. I will be sending her the link to your website, Zalise as your grace, wisdom and understanding of what it takes to be successful will certainly help her and others!

  3. Ronnie G.

    Zee has and continues to be ahead of the curve… From her enigmatic smile, to her dynamic personality, she never ceases to amaze..

  4. Dee Caldwell



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