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A Little About Me


The Highlights

  • Born, in the 50’s


  • Was raised on a Dairy farm, went to charm school and won a local county pageant, in the 60’s


  • Got married, had a baby girl, launched a modeling career, divorced, moved to the city of love, San Francisco, in the 70’s……


  • Entered the Corporate Executive Administrative world, in the 80’s


  • Joined her last Corporate Organization in 2000


  • June 2017, she started her NEXT chapter, being your SuperSelf at

Named after and reared by her maternal grandmother “Zalise,” she was inspired and encouraged to be extraordinary at everything she did every day. She was empowered to live a life of diverse experiences inclusive of participating in a local pageant that led to the Miss California/Miss USA pageant where Zalise was voted Miss Congeniality. She was provided the tools to learn about social graces and appropriate etiquette practices by attending Charm School. Through this process she learned to appreciate the value and beauty in others and became generous sharing her knowledge of loveliness. These experiences led to Zalise joining a modeling agency, where she is noted for launching one of the first diverse national ads for E&J Brandy.  After a thirteen-year career in fashion, Zalise entered Corporate America working with executives in a variety of business industries. She is most proud of her brilliant and lovely daughter, who is a product of what Zalise calls SuperSelf.


Photograph by Ernest Hong

Zalise’s bold life experiences started at a young age and were molded by her grandmother’s encouragement “to be the best that you can be every day, in every way and at every age.”  These experiences have led to life-long passions where Zalise is committed to sharing her personal journey to inspire and empower as many women as possible to be

bold and bloom!


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