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SuperSelf is Good Manners
Never blow your nose at a dinner table, okay?  
I once had a boss that had a nose that ran like a broken faucet, dripping all the time. They ran around the office looking for tissue anywhere they could find it. Let’s face it, blowing one’s nose is not a pretty picture, and we are all about being our best self, right?  …Well, after hearing the boss blow their nose all day one day, I thought, “I wonder how they will handle this at the executive dinner tonight” It was just a passing thought.  Anyway, the next day, I arrived at the office early in the morning. On my way to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, I overheard two executives talking about losing their appetite at dinner because this person (and yes, it was my boss) had blown their nose several times at the table. I could not believe my ears. Can you even picture this at an executive dinner table, or at any dinner table? …Here’s what my boss should have done: They should have excused themselves to go to the bathroom to blow their nose, or they should have gone outside to blow it. It is never appropriate to blow your nose at the dinner table. These days, there are twenty-four-hour antihistamines on the market. If you have a runny nose and you have an important meeting or dinner engagement, you might want to pick some up at the local Walgreens.  It is just bad manners to blow your nose at a dinner table!  …….SuperSelf is practicing good manners so that everything is more enjoyable for everyone. If you don’t know what to do, just ask Zalise at


  1. Don Gonsalves

    Lol. You are so right. I have experienced this at the dinner table before. Blow your nose at the table does ruin a fine dinner. Wipe your nose, yes. Blow your nose! Please go to the men’s or ladies’ room so you don’t become the topic of water cooler conversations. It’s just plain good manners.

    • Zalise Edwards

      Thank you Don for all of your support. Zalise


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