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Be Bold and Bloom

SuperSelf Has Courage

Have the courage to say what you feel and what you mean. Have the courage to rise up to the occasion to do the right thing, say the truthful thing and have the courage to admit mistakes. We are so lucky to be experiencing the climate of change in support of...


SuperSelf, A Powerful, Positive Message

Parents, let's "teach our young daughters to be bold and powerful" in order to push through those challenging days as they reach for the stars with determination! Enjoy the attached positive video.....Be bold and bloom. SuperSelf with Zalise...


SuperSelf Owns Challenging Days

There are no bad days!  Some days are more challenging than others. Remember this, as long as you are a positive thinker with a cool, calm and in control attitude, there is not anything that you cannot handle. When you find yourself having a challenging day, think...


SuperSelf Jump-starts Each Day With Thanks

Success in our daily lives means there are some things that we need to do consistently to feel good, do good and look good every day. Starting each day out being mindful of your body, mind, and spirit is not difficult.  This is what I do to jump-start my day....


SuperSelf Bids Farewell to 2017! Bring it 2018!

2017 was a transitional year for me. It was not a bad year, just a year of change. Each December I take time to reflect, throw-out stuff I no longer use and reach out to my family, friends and loved ones to socialize. As I reflect on 2017, in January and February I...


SuperSelf Tells Her Story #metoo

#metoo I wish I’d known Anita Hill when I first started working in Corporate America in the 1980’s.  Looking back at my experiences then, to me sexual harassment (which was not even a term in the 80’s) was thought to be, oh just a little flirtation that some women...

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