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SuperSelf, Celebrates Mom

My mom grew up on her mother and stepfather’s dairy ranch on Avenue 18 ½ in the previous Dairyland of Madera County, during the Great Depression.  Mom would share through multiple stories that she, her younger sister, and five brothers worked very hard at...

SuperSelf, 2022 Thankful I’m Here

I'm on My Tiptoes, Looking Over the Fence, and Just Feeling the Happiness in This Twinkle of an Eye. I've gone straight into 2022 with proverbial bells on!  I am so thankful to still be here.  So, I am making the very best of it regardless! The pandemic made a lot...

SuperSelf, The Mind–Your Most Valuable Tool

Brainpower is your most valuable tool. So, keep the mind positive and healthy. Use it skillfully, learn new things to increase your knowledge and growth. Read books and be curious. Pay attention to what's going on in your mind and body.  Turn technology off to be...

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