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SuperSelf, Create You!

Every day that you are alive you can create or recreate yourself It is up to you to define the impact that you will have on the world. Today, there are so many avenues whereby one can educate and prepare themselves for life. These tools did not exist twenty-five...

SuperSelf Masked, Caring, and Casual Style

I believe in looking presentable no matter what, however, every day has to be easy: During one of my Zoom group sessions, someone brought up the topic of dressing appropriately while out and about, and how unfashionable mask-wearing is.  Then, I was asked about my...

SuperSelf Thanks Essential Workers, Our True Heroes

Thank you, Essential Workers and Healthcare professionals, You Are My True Heroes:  Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I don’t recall having an opinion about the significance of certain workers and the services that they provide.  I just thought, like me, everyone was...

SuperSelf Nob Hill Spa’s White Robes, Missing

One Sunday morning I was looking out my bathroom window taking in the beautiful view of the sun beaming down on Huntington Park, I turned slightly to my left and zoomed in on the patio deck of the Nob Hill Spa, something is amiss I thought.  Wow, no...

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