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SuperSelf, 2022 Thankful I’m Here

I’m on My Tiptoes, Looking Over the Fence, and Just Feeling the Happiness in This Twinkle of an Eye.

I’ve gone straight into 2022 with proverbial bells on!  I am so thankful to still be here.  So, I am making the very best of it regardless!

The pandemic made a lot of us realize that taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally is imperative to finding joy through all the craziness.  Some of us slowed down long enough to realize that major changes needed to be made in our lives.  For me, I became more grateful for every moment of every day and more giving to others that needed uplifting or just wanted their situation heard. I became an ear of support.

Just when I felt like busting loose, along came Delta, then Omnicron.  So again, and especially for me having Antisynthetase Syndrome w/ILD, I found myself grounded for most of January 2022. Staying close to home and traveling only by car.

Now wearing a KN95 mask, believe it or not, I delight in going out for my monthly treatments and weekly pulmonary therapy.  A doctor’s visit in person excites me too and gives me a reason to dress up in fun outfits.  Amusing myself with it all makes it fun and bearable.

My daughter and I took a lovely staycation in the wine country at the Montage Healdsburg Spa and Resort.  It was delightfully quiet and reposing with plenty of wine to help. When in our bungalow, it seemed as though no one else was around.  At night the sky was pitch black and we could see all the stars. A serious contrast from San Francisco.  The best thing too, it’s only an hour’s drive.  No airplane or ship required!

I don’t know what will happen next in 2022. I’m on my tiptoes, looking over the fence, and just feeling the happiness in this twinkle of an eye.

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