Be the best that you can be everyday in every way

SuperSelf Your Most Valuable Asset

Ladies, the most valuable “asset” that you have is you.  Love yourself.  Have a love affair with “you”.  Only let those that are deserving share the love that you have for you.  Do not let anyone steal your most valuable assets: your mind, your physical beauty, your hopes, dreams, your heart, and your soul. Without these assets, what do you have?…  Nothing, right?… True love does not take away from the love that you have for yourself. True love adds and allows your assets to grow.

Be Bold and Bloom!  Be your SuperSelf, excellence in all that you do every day in every way.


  1. Donald

    I love this perspective of not letting anyone steal your most valuable assets. A very, very, special message for our youth, girls, and boys. Hope they are reading this blog. Can you post this piece on Instagram?

    • Zalise Edwards

      Thank you! Yes, has a link to Instagram.


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