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SuperSelf, Speaks-out For Assault Weapons Ban

I want to understand how Congress is on a bipartisan bandwagon to ban TikTok for possibly being a threat to our Nation’s National Security­­­­ and not be on a bipartisan bandwagon to ban assault weapons. Isn’t saving children and keeping them safe in our schools a National Security concern?

No one has a chance against an assault rifle.

Assault weapons are killing and maiming innocent children and school employees. No one has a chance against an assault rifle. They rip you apart!  I want to respectfully ring some bells all over this country to signal my disappointment with our government’s inability to get these weapons banned.

Do not get distracted by all the hype and lose focus on the real issues at hand here.

Mr. Trump’s hyped headlines this week diverted all the attention away from the recent Tennesee Private Christian Elementary School shooting. Three innocent children and three adults were killed with an assault rifle.  Attention was also diverted away from the student protest at Tennesee’s state capital in demand for tougher gun laws. The Trump extravaganza, although partly newsworthy, it didn’t have to consume the airwaves. Do not get distracted by the hype and lose focus on the real issues at hand here. In the United States of America, our children are being killed in their schools with weapons of war!

Within a month after a mass shooting took place in New Zealand, their government issued a nationwide ban on assault weapons. It’s shameful to observe that our government which should have legislated a ban on assault weapons after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, cannot come together to effect this change.

Let’s make some noise!

Schools used to be safe places. I can’t recall ever feeling unsafe in my elementary school, can you?  Today, children are traumatized and parents are afraid to send their children to school for fear that they may never see them alive again.  I want to see a charge for change for all those innocent spirits who left this world by way of a savaged assault weapon, and its merciless bullets. Why would a private citizen ever need to own an assault rifle?  My father and grandfather were both gun owners. Neither one owned an assault weapon.

Action is required!  Thoughts and prayers alone will not influence the change required. Nor will thoughts and prayers bring back a child’s life, or end the tremendous heartache and boundless pain of the parents and survivors of these horrific school shootings. How many have there been? How many more will there be before there’s a national ban on these weapons?  Let’s make some noise!  Let’s write and call our state senators, state representatives, and state assembly people. Let’s write to them again and again until they hear us!  We need to make our schools safe again!

Be Bold and Bloom, the best you can be every day in every way no matter what the circumstances are Be your SuperSelf. Speak up for yourself and others. #banassaultweapons #TikTok #Trump #safeschools

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    • Zalise Edwards

      Welcome. Zalise

    • Zalise Edwards

      Thank you! Zalise

  1. Don Gonsalves

    Good article to get the thoughts surfacing for discussion. Banning assault weapons seems to be something we can do without diminishing our second amendment rights. We’ve put similar controls in place with drivers licenses, car registrations, and seat belts. I don’t remember that there was much pushback for these controls.

    • Zalise Edwards

      Lets get assault weapons off the streets before there is another mass school shooting, just ban them. Our government’s ineptitude in this regard is very disgraceful. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. Zalise


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