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SuperSelf Nob Hill Spa’s White Robes, Missing

One Sunday morning I was looking out my bathroom window taking in the beautiful view of the sun beaming down on Huntington Park, I turned slightly to my left and zoomed in on the patio deck of the Nob Hill Spa, something is amiss I thought.  Wow, no fluffy-white-robes!  On any given weekend, I could tell how busy the spa was by counting the white robes on deck.  Due to the Coronavirus shutdown, the white robes have disappeared.  It was so fresh to see the bright white robes bathing in the sun or fog. Both good!

I started having flashbacks to all the fantastic times I’ve enjoyed at the Nob Hill Spa and how wonderful it was to have lunch on its deck wearing a fluffy white.  Since its inception, this has been my favorite go-to spa in San Francisco. I’ve celebrated birthdays, Mother’s Days, girlfriend appreciation days, and “I love me” days there.  The staff always thoughtful and kind, kept the spa clean, picked up towels, extended fresh ones, and made certain everyone experienced a peaceful time. It is an abundant experience.

Never did I think I’d not be able to make a reservation to enjoy a spa day whenever I wanted.  Covid-19 has affected all our lives and we can clearly see how connected we all are. I began to wonder how the Nob Hill Spa staff is fairing during the shutdown, are they well, are they okay financially?  I never thought about the health and welfare of the staff prior to Corona other than a 20% tip on top of the cost for the services rendered.  Did I say thank you enough and did I wish the treatment technician well?  Gee, it really makes you wonder who the people are that really matter outside of family and close friends.

Will the fluffy white robes reappear on the deck of the Nob Hill Spa after the shutdown is lifted by the City?  We shall see…

Be Bold and Bloom, tell as many people that you can thank you, and express gratitude always!  Even a smile that someone gives is a gift to be thankful for.

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