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SuperSelf, Is Deliberately Happy

The choices that you make today will determine your future. So, be very deliberate in what you choose. Choose the people that you want to hang out with. They should be glowing to see you and you the same to see them. There should be inspiration, motivation, and positive support that is reciprocal. These comrades are working toward being happier and doing better every single day too along with you, which brings about a more jubilant future for all.

Work on being happy in each moment.

Look at yourself every morning in the mirror and say, “I’m happier right now than I was yesterday.”  Learn to give to yourself and others.  When I give to others, be it a kind word, a gift, or a gift of my time and they smile, laugh, rejoice or just say thank you, I find myself feeling joyful as well.  Giving without expectations is probably one of the best search engines to find and feel happy.

Deliberately work on being happy in the moment.  I think that feeling each day’s goodness or its pain in every moment builds incredible mental and emotional strength. I always say the only numbness I want is what I get from my dentist.  I believe that allowing ourselves to truly feel, makes us appreciate the good times and knowledge learned once we are on the other side of life’s disturbances and grief. Then, the day feels like ease and flow!

Take it slow.

Deliberately go at a slower pace in everything that you do. I’m not talking about sluggardly going about your day. Slow down to meditate or ponder on critical situations before you make a move. Take time to use your trusted support to discuss various options.  Slow your roll to be more aware so that you enjoy where you are at, what you have committed to, and where you are going. Take time to think about your appearance and grooming for each day’s events, don’t start in a rush. This is what I am talking about.

By deliberately choosing to extract what’s best I will draw unto me a future that will always be better than what is. Be Bold and Bloom, the best you can be every day in every way no matter what the circumstances are Be your SuperSelf.  Speak up for yourself and others.

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