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Jealousy stinks!

My grandmother used to say that beauty came in all shapes and sizes, that beauty was in the eyes of the beholder. Then she’d say, “no matter how beautiful a person is, if they are jealous of another, then they are like a rotten egg foul on the inside with a thin shell on the outside”.

To be jealous of a person for what they have accomplished, who they are or love, how beautiful they look, their fine brain or their earned wealth, is detrimental in more ways than one. Jealousy will make a person do and say things that are harmful to others. Jealousy is a form of abuse. It cripples and hinders self as well as its victims.

The destructive deeds of a jealous person will eventually crack their shell revealing the smell of their true intentions and true thoughts. No good comes from a person that has a heart fueled by jealousy, its fumes are truly unsafe.  So, run away fast…

To live your best life fully and more abundantly you must appreciate others that have succeeded at being their best, every day, in every way and at every age.

Admiration and an appreciation for those that are successful in life, or in love as well as recognizing beauty, or one’s impeccable style, and good qualities “is a stimulus”.  Admiration is a motivator, it certainly is for me!  When you admire then admiration becomes the impetus to inspire you to do more and to make a bigger mark in life than just a dash…..

Be bold and bloom. Emulate, respect and ADMIRE great qualities that you see in others.

SuperSelf with Zalise


  1. assassinate

    Ι’d like to find out more? I’d want to find out some additional information.

    • Zalise Edwards

      Hello Gladis, thank you for visiting If you go to the website, then to about Zalise, you can read my bio. SuperSelf is admiration, kind, strong, loving, and caring, the best you every day in every way no matter what the circumstances are. Zalise

  2. Helene

    I believe this is true. We are all beautiful in our own way. Like two books aren’t the same ❤️

    • Zalise Edwards

      Helena, you are exactly right! Thank you for your comment. Zalise


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