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SuperSelf Thanks Essential Workers, Our True Heroes

Thank you, Essential Workers and Healthcare professionals, You Are My True Heroes: 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I don’t recall having an opinion about the significance of certain workers and the services that they provide.  I just thought, like me, everyone was doing his or her job.  How shallow of me.

Nowadays, I have anxiety around what would happen to this country if we did not have mailmen, truck drivers, package delivery drivers, agricultural workers, grocery store workers, and food delivery personnel.  What if doctors, nurses, hospital staff workers, firemen, soldiers, and police officers were not dedicated to their work? If the 24-hour manufacturing plant employees that keep our grocery store shelves stocked, garbage collectors that collect our trash, and city maintenance workers that keep our city, state, and the nation operational abandon their positions? I’d hate to think about what would take place in our country.  For certain, all would come to a halt!

Essential workers and healthcare professionals provide invaluable services that touch our lives in small and sometimes in enormous ways every day.  However, like me, most of us only now have had an awakening to see how necessary these workers and the duties that they perform are.  It’s these fine people that are keeping us all afloat during this pandemic, but often their compensation for the work that they do doesn’t reflect the true value of the work performed which is necessary.  Essential workers, you are the true rock stars and I have a newfound respect for you all! Thank you, so very much for the services you provide!

A Special and Very Personal Thank you, to Kaiser San Francisco:

To all the nurses and staff on the 8th floor, in Kaiser’s Oncology Department, San Francisco, who give superb management to patients always, but particularly during this pandemic. All of you selflessly provide care to patients without fear of putting yourselves or your families at risk. I appreciate you so much! Thank you!

A shoutout of immense gratitude to all my Kaiser Specialty Doctors. Thank you for your attention. It’s a journey, but we are making steady progress.

I am so thankful for my neurology physical therapist, Sara Dinkin, who inspires me to stay focused on my exercises for strength and healing. She’s as determined for me to walk on my own again as I am.  Much love and respect Sara, thank you!

Meilani Connolly, my occupational therapist who patiently worked with me to build strength back in my hands so now I can work. Thank you Meilani!  Alexa Poeter, my speech therapist helped me to sound more like myself again. Thanks, Alexa.

Thank you, Saint Frances Hospital Pulmonary Therapy:

Zandra Oda and Divya Tharayanil are group pulmonary and maintenance therapist at Saint Frances Hospital. Divya and Zandra are two of the most kindhearted people I know.  Thank you both for your attentiveness.

Be Bold and Bloom, the best you every day in every way. Be aware, appreciative, and mindful to thank those that assist, help, or care for you in any capacity. You cannot appreciate or say thank you enough!



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