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SuperSelf Creates Wonderful Holiday Memories
BBB-Christmas dinner 2019

The holidays are all about creating memories, sharing and giving.

My brother, his wife; my partner, my daughter, my sister and I spent Christmas rallying around our 90-year-old mother. Christmas is always a special time in my family.  It’s so much more than exchanging gifts, it is all about love and fantastic food.  From Christmas Eve to Christmas Day and night, fun memories of the past are recalled and newly created fun time fills the living room of my mom’s home with a lot of noisy laughter and joy.  At dinner, everyone is very thankful to be gathered together and acknowledge blessings.  This year, we played a trivia game during dinner. We learned a little something new about one another that we did not know prior even though we are family. This Christmas dinner time was one of the best ever and how nice to have our mother still with us to enjoy with immense love.  Creating holiday memories with family and with those we love is priceless.  This is what Christmas is all about…

Be your SuperSelf, be at your best every day in every way all year through.

I wish all a healthy and prosperous 2020.


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