SuperSelf, Create You!

Every day that you are alive you can create or recreate yourself

It is up to you to define the impact that you will have on the world. Today, there are so many avenues whereby one can educate and prepare themselves for life. These tools did not exist twenty-five years ago. You can become knowledgeable on almost any subject through Google and by watching how to do YouTube videos on a smartphone or laptop. You can even attend classes online.  When I was a student, I had to do research in a library and used encyclopedias. I carried Webster’s pocket dictionary when out and about for quick definitions.

Everyone Lives Better Today no Matter Their Economic Status

As precarious as the COVID-19 pandemic has been in 2020, this is still the very best time to be on this earth. We have the rules to stay safe, well, and what better time than now to reflect on our lives while hunkering down inside our homes.  A vaccine for COVID-19 has been developed in a matter of months which would have been impossible to do a hundred years ago.

A hundred years ago most people did not have clean running water.  Water had to be retrieved from a nearby river or pumped from an outside well.  There were no bathrooms, people used outhouses or the nearest tree.  Travel from San Francisco to New York City took weeks by train and even longer by sea.  In our current fast-paced technology-driven jet age, I can have a breakfast meeting in San Francisco, and a dinner meeting in New York City with an update to my team via Zoom or Google Meet on the same date.

Everyone lives better today no matter what their economic status.  Yet a century ago with all the travel hardships, people fearlessly journeyed across country or to another part of the world to create or recreate themselves.  In hope of a better life, they had determination, could see their dreams clearer with every mile and inspired by the possibilities, they persevered.

If you Believe it, you can be it, but you Have to do the Work

This life is the only one that we are certain of, so create an excellent life here on earth because the pearly gates, with streets paved in gold, is not a given.  Look at all situations in this life through positive learning lenses.  You are going to have challenges, that’s the way of the world.  Make the best out of every moment.  Grow and relearn wisely from missteps. Pick yourself up every time you fall, shake briskly, and go forward focused and more aware. With knowledge and experience you can create or recreate your career or work, and your lifestyle many times.  If you believe it, you can be it, but you have to do the work!  Hone your skills, and when you know better, do better in every way, every day. Whatever you dream or desire to be—is within you to create!

Be Bold and Bloom, the best you every day in every way no matter what the circumstances are, be your SuperSelf.

“There’s nothing more magical than seeing stars on a winter night. They inspire a feeling of childlike wonder, shining with the pure light of our dreams,  hopes and blessings.”   —David Yurman


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