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SuperSelf Accepts Mistakes as Growth

Growth to get it right is what mistakes are. If you have never made one, that’s fantastic. If you have made a mistake or two, it’s okay as long as you never give up! Never give up on your ambitions, hopes, and dreams.  Grow from your mistakes, just never give up because of a mistake…You can always start over, take another route, change the plans or write the book.

Respectfully, light your candle and let it burn brightly from start to finish. When it is all said and done, people only remember what you got right. Does anyone remember that the original founder of Apple was fired by the company? Then they hired him back a few years later…. People only remember the wins!

There is nothing wrong with stumbles and falls before being able to roll your shoulders back, square them off, and walk real tall to the podium to say, “I did it, I got it right, I made the grade, I graduated, I got the raise I asked for, or I wrote the book, told my story; and am living my best life”.

Be bold and bloom.  SuperSelf with Zalise


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