Be the best that you can be everyday in every way

SuperSelf, Take Mini-pauses, to Reboot And Refresh Daily

You are a priority in your life, no matter what.

I take serene five-minute pauses throughout my day to improve my temperament, productivity, and focus. If you cannot escape to Bora Bora or some other exotic place to relax, reboot, refresh, and recover from all the stresses in life, practice taking many mini-interludes daily to find that peaceful zone or Bora Bora in your mind.

This practice is very empowering in numerous ways. In addition to the above, you’ll find that your energy to get things done will increase. Your thought process will be clearer with better understanding and awareness.

You are a priority in your life, no matter what!  So take your breaks, and take as many vacations as you are able each year, even if it is a stay-at-home respite to do nothing for a week or to do only those things that make you chuckle.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Be Bold and Bloom, be the best that you can be every day in every way no matter what the circumstances are be your SuperSelf! Speak up for yourself and others.

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  1. EZE

    True, a few minutes to pause can put you in a better headspace, Z. Good short piece. Thanks.

    • Donald Gonsalves

      I like the idea, but I can’t seem to make my mind do what my body wants it to do which is to relax, be calm, and to stop continuously trying to solve all the problems in this crazy world in my head. I go out of town for a relaxing weekend in the wince country, just to sit at a wine tasting thinking about what it is I need to do when I return home. Then I start making a mental list. I recently downloaded the application CALM and use it to practice my breathing while trying to empty my mind even if it’s just for 10 minutes. I try to be in the moment but that is easier said than done in my world of “got to stay busy”. Another to-do, #5. Practice being in the moment.

      • Zalise Edwards

        I understand, but right now, this very moment all is good, right? Being in the moment is being present right here, right now, with whatever you are doing. Relaxing is letting go one moment at a time to reset, recharge and reboot the mind, body and your inner-self or spirit. When you take a weekend trip or go on vacation, if you focus on wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, you’ll find your mind letting go of work and enjoying the moment. Remember, only you can control your thoughts. Put away the mobile phone and computer when you are on a holiday to truly enjoy the experience. If all else fails, drink a little more wine. … Zalise


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